Establishing trust in vehicle-to-vehicle coordination: A sensor fusion approach


Autonomous vehicles (AVs) use diverse sensors to understand their surroundings as they continually make safety-critical decisions. However, establishing trust with other AVs is a key prerequisite because safety-critical decisions cannot be made based on data shared from untrusted sources. Existing protocols require an infrastructure network connection and a third-party root of trust to establish a secure channel, which are not always available.In this paper, we propose a sensor-fusion approach for mobile trust establishment, which combines GPS and visual data. The combined data forms evidence that one vehicle is nearby another, which is a strong indication that it is not a remote adversary hence trustworthy. Our preliminary experiments show that our sensor-fusion approach achieves above 80% successful pairing of two legitimate vehicles observing the same object with 5 meters of error. Based on these preliminary results, we anticipate that a refined approach can support fuzzy trust establishment, enabling better collaboration between nearby AVs.

DI-CPS 2022
Jack West
Jack West
PhD Student

I’ve been doing research all over the place before I landed on privacy. I have worked with cryptography, randomness, and fog computing while at Loyola. I have since migrated to privacy work which is now my main interest.